Monday, July 10, 2017

One year celebration!

It's hard to believe I moved to Georgia over a year ago and my department is ONE year old!  It is crazy to think how fast the time has gone by.  We had a one year celebration in the office for my team and these are the Thank You Notes and small appreciation tokens I presented to my team.

The background stamp is from Concord and 9th.  If you haven't played with this stamp, OMG!  They have some crazy math gurus over there that figured out how to use this stamp by turning it four ways to create the multicolor/multidimensional background.  I did get my inspiration from Jennifer McGuire's video on the color variation and embossing powders.

The little pots with the succulents???  Those were from dollar tree - Sean and I spray painted them with a metallic paint, wrapped the rim with twine, and added the lady bug.  I made a dozen for $6... $10 if you add the spray paint!

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