Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rubber Cement and Peerless Watercolors

Using Rubber Cement as a Mask and creating a Peerless Watercolor background!  
The video link is below!

Welcome back to another Technique Tuesday!  Todays technique is a bit different than my traditional card making, scrapbooking, or papercrafting videos!

I have the 'lobster two' font downloaded in Microsoft Word.  I printed the three words: Live, Laugh, Love.  I then scanned that sheet into the Brother Scanncut for a direct cut.  Once it was scanned, I swapped out the laserjet print out with a piece of whitecard stock and hit cut!  I wanted to create a stencil!

I placed the 'stencil' over a piece of watercolor paper and then coated the stencil with rubber cement.... TWICE.  Use a heat gun to set the first layer of rubber cement, reapply the stencil and do a second coat of rubber cement, and also heat set.  Rubber cement can create a great mask.  It will keep the base color clean and untouched by whatever you decide to do next.

I used Peerless Watercolors to create a background.  Once it was dry, I was able to rub the rubber cement off the words and have a clean white background.

These could be cards, scrapbook backgrounds, or framed as I did here.  Any stencil could be used.  The paper ones I created are still in great shape and ready to use again.  If you use a plastic stencil, I recommend washing immediately.

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