Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The magic of the K-Cup! K-Cup Gift Box and K-Cup Holder with Handles

I have been trying to learn how to make these for a long time!  Many of the online directions have had incorrect measurements!  Well, I finally sat down and tried to make one... and low and behold, not only did I figure out how to make the box and the carrier, but how to manipulate the measurements to make a 6-pack and an 8-pack!  The directions are linked below along with the cutting files for those of you that have the ability to use the .fcm or .svg files with the Brother Scanncut or SCL, etc!  You will notice there are two sets per item.  Some people liked to have the k-cup top flush with the box.  If you don't want to see a wee-bit of the lid, follow the directions on page two.  The boxes I made were following the diagrams on page one.  If you find ANYTHING wrong with them or if they need more detail, let me know!  Enjoy the video and happy crafting!

K-Cup Gift Box
FCM Cutting File for Interior 4 cup holder

K-Cup Holder with Handles 4-pack
FCM Cutting File for 2 cup side  

K-Cup Holder with Handles  6-pack
 FCM Cutting File for 3 cup side

K-Cup Holder with Handles 8-pack
FCM Cutting File for 4 cup side  


  1. Thanks so much, I have been looking all over the internet for just such directions.

  2. WONDERFUL!! Thank you very much!