Friday, July 14, 2017

My 'second' baby shower???

I'm not sure what it is about these Georgia folks but this is the second baby shower I've help run in one month.  OMG.  Really not my thing - and when I got nominated to make the diaper cake, I almost fainted.  You should have seen the stress on Sean's face when we were at Wal-mart and I took a detour into the baby section.  WOW, first, I had no idea what I was looking at, and second, Sean didn't talk to me for hours.  Fair to say I didn't explain why I was there - and he certainly didn't ask!

BUT - I absolutely LOVE how both events came out.  Below is the latest party.  One of my team members adopted a baby boy, Jakobe.  I am in awe of her and her family and how big their hearts are.

Below are images from the baby welcoming party.  The diaper cake came out adorable.  I love love love the giraffe and how it all came together.  I also love the WPlus9 giraffe stamps!  So cute.

I also found inspiration to create onsie cupcakes - how cute and easy.  I should make a video on both the diaper cake and the hot air balloon cupcake holder, but....

One of her teammates is a photographer and she asked for a gift card... again - I went a little overboard and found an SVGCuts file of a 3D camera.  I was covered in glue - but it came out great!!!!  Sean says to me... 'She asked for a gift card?  And you made this?  You wonder why people don't like you?'  LOL

Also below are the ADORABLE baby stroller hershey kiss candy holders.  They are a crowd pleasers and a wow-factor.  Over the next couple of days, I'll get the measurements posted and perhaps a video.

It is flattering to be told to go into business making these items - if only it could pay ALL of the bills!

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